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How ABA Therapy
Can Help Your Child

Promote Skill Acquisition

Focuses on replacing contextually inappropriate behaviors with ones that enhance communication, social-emotional development and independence.

Play-based Therapy

Prioritizes and promotes positive interactions, allows children to be more comfortable and to have an active role in developing new skills.

Continuous Improvement

The combination of individualized goals and research-based therapy provides measurable results and shows that practice makes progress in learners.

Our Services

Providers at BH Field help families across the greater Atlanta area. 

We Offer ABA Therapy


Home is where children are more comfortable, show their natural behaviors and begin to change.


Telehealth allows for both therapy & the connection between therapist and child to continue when the environmental variables make it difficult for the provider to be in-person with the client.


This option allows therapists to observe and work on behaviors exhibited at school. It also allows us to work with your child’s educators to focus on learning and social skills. 

Parent Training

The scientific knowledge and professional skills are combined with parental insight to build effective teaching tools to promote their child’s learning and encourage their child’s progress. 

BCBA Consultation

A service provided to newly certified BCBA looking for mentorship, effective supervision, and experience in documentation process, assessment tools, report writing, and leadership skills in an ABA practice.

Educational Consulting

For special education parents we are IEP advocators, sitting in on IEP meetings assisting with getting IEP goals. And for special education teachers, we provide School consultation for staff training and for individual cases.

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How The Process Works

Our 6-step new client process is easy and straightforward


Complete our online ABA services questionnaire.

Step 1

We Contact You

A BH Field representative will contact you within 48 hours.

Step 2

Intake Package

Complete the intake package sent to your email.

Step 3

Behavioral Assessment

BH Field performs an Initial Behavioral Assessment.

Step 4


We request claim authorization from your insurance provider.

Step 5

Begin Therapy

In about 1.5 months we can start providing ABA Therapy at your home

Step 6

My son was in love with Dana!!! He still keeps asking about Dana. Dana is very professional and passionate about her work

The more challenging part for me when working with Dana was understanding that disciplining is not always the best path when dealing with problem behaviors. Dana exceeded my expectations with ABA therapy; she taught me to be supportive not only with behavioral problems but also with my son's emotional needs.

- LS, 6 years old, Florida -

Having Dana working with us taught me about ABA principles and kindness at the same time

She patiently worked really hard to teach my son every target. When Dana started working with my son, every "no", "not now," or transition was a tantrum; it was challenging at the beginning, but now my son can accept anything negative saying "okay". Dana ABA's style of therapy focuses on the positive approach. She never pushed my son to the uncomfortable side, which I really appreciated.

- BF, 8 years old, Florida -

She has such a positive and enthusiastic personality; it was a joy working with her

I have known Dana for almost a year, and she has been such amazing support for my son, who was part of ABA. My son made so much progress with her goals, and he adored her! She is really passionate about her work. She is professional yet thoughtful and caring. Thank you, Dana, for being there for my family!

- S.A, 5 years old, Georgia -

Dana is not just a very professional BCBA but charismatic. My whole family was blessed to work with her

Dana was very consistent with our sessions; we learned a lot from Dana. My daughter learned to speak and communicate with Dana; we went literally from one-word mands to 4 words, labeled items with one word to multiple words, adjectives, opposites…, answer and ask questions. Dana is an amazing BCBA who also taught my daughter to wait. It was more than a pleasure.

- MM, 6 years old, Florida -

I worked with Mrs. Dana for more than 1 year. Her courage and tenacity forever changed my adventure of parenting

Dana taught me every step towards learning to manage my son’s behavior in a different and more effective way; no to mentioning the progress my son did with Mrs. Dana’s enthusiasm.

- ZM, 4 years old, Georgia -
All testimonials used here were unsolicited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does BH Field stand for?

Behavioral Health Field BH Field A professional organization committed to continuous research, professional education, andABA-based clinical services that address the needs of individuals with IDD/ASD across the life span. At BH Field, we believe in a culture of learning and pride ourselves on providing individualized ABA services that put children and their development first.

What does ABA stand for?

Applied Behavior Analysis ABA The science that study the behavior and learning. ABA-based therapy, also known as ABA therapy, is used to develop language, functional communication, social skills and activities of daily leaving (ADL), while reducing maladaptive or interfering behaviors. At BH Field we combine ABA therapy with Play-based therapy for optimal outcomes.

What does ASD stand for?

Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD A developmental disorder that usually appears during the first two years of life. People living with ASD do not look different than anyone else. They may behave, communicate, interact, and learn differently from most other people. The abilities of people with ASD can vary significantly.

What does IDD stand for?

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities IDD Involves problems with general mental abilities that affect functioning in two areas, (1) Intellectual: learning, problem-solving, judgment and (2) Adaptive: activities of daily life such as communication and independent living.Additionally, the intellectual and adaptive deficit begins early in the developmental period.

How does BH Field work?

BH Field uses individual assessments of each family and child to create theABA-based therapy plan. The individualized plan identifies barriers for skill acquisition as well as targeted behavior goals and turns the plan into manageable steps that are practiced and can be incorporated into daily life. Progress is continuously measured and consistently rewarded with motivation from our certified therapists.

What is a Culture of learning?

At BH Field our therapists share a culture of learning that encourages continuous education and ongoing research in ABA therapy. This culture extends to include the belief that when people are fully engaged, they can make a positive difference. BH Field rewards professional growth and improvement while focusing on our team’s leadership development, empathy, communication and conflict resolution skills.

Join BH Field Crew!

At BH Field, we believe that fostering a culture of ongoing learning is essential to build positive behavioral outcomes for our clients, because client success depends on our knowledge and skills. We are proud to offer clinical support, flexible hours and fantastic perks, including a signing bonus.

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A team-driven environment in which hard work does not go unnoticed and a culture of ongoing learning shapes your talent to succeed, maximizing behavioral outcomes. 

Dana Urgelles Chief Executive Officer

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