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Beyond Professional and Empowering Learners

Behavioral Health Field

We are an ABA-based therapy provider that promotes Social-emotional Learning and applies the Low Arousal Approach combined with a culture of learning for our practitioners. We pride ourselves on individualized services for learners living with ASD and IDD that put their needs and development first. 

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Professional Organization

We are focused on the social significance of the behavior, inclusion, equality and a culture of learning within our practice.

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Measurable Goals

We are committed to providing continual progress and measurable results that will last a lifetime. 

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Pivotal Skills Development

We believe that interest and motivation encourage shared social interactions for learners, facilitate engagement and growth. 

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We believe in the confidentiality and dignity of our clients in all we do taking precautions to protect them.


We value truth and honesty while encouraging appropriate behavior in our clients, consultants and practice. 


We focus on maximize the teaching process to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients.


We remain committed to be professional, to promote a supportive environment and independence of our clients.

Our Mission and Values

We promise to create clinical quality, individualized behavioral programs that support the child’s learning and their family’s needs. 

Our Philosophy

We aim for excellence in our behavioral programs and to be the provider of choice for ABA-based therapy.

We are dedicated to a culture of learning that strives to understand behaviors, the predictable way the behavior is learned and how the behavior changes over time, to maximize learning and success. 

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Ethical Standards

BH Field employees follow ethical standards, and our Practitioner Behaviorists are required to adhere to the Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts in all of their professional activities across settings and delivery modes.

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Making extraordinary differences in so many lives

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