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Promoting Social Emotional Learning


Providers at BH Field help families across the greater Atlanta area.
We put learners and their needs first by using the Low Arousal Approach and applying the PERMA model. Making sure children feel comfortable makes us different.



Home is where children are more comfortable, show their natural behaviors and begin to change.

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Telehealth allows for both therapy and the connection between therapist and child to continue when the environmental variables make it difficult for the provider to be in-person with the client.

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This option allows therapists to observe and work on behaviors exhibited at school. It also allows us to work with your child’s educators to focus on learning and social skills. 

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Parent Training

The scientific knowledge and professional skills are combined with parental insight to build effective teaching tools to promote their child’s learning and encourage their child’s progress. 

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BCBA Consultation

A service provided to newly certified BCBA looking for mentorship, effective supervision, and experience in documentation process, assessment tools, report writing, and leadership skills in an ABA practice.

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Educational Consulting

For special education parents we are IEP advocators, sitting in on IEP meetings assisting with getting IEP goals. And for special education teachers, we provide School consultation for staff training and for individual cases.

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Effective ABA Treatment

At BH Field, we will assign a qualified and experienced therapist to each client, as well as an intimately involved supervisor who will be consulting with you regularly.

At BH-Field, our goal is to teach skills that will help children and adults navigate a world that becomes increasingly complex as they grow older.

If you’re looking for a clinically effective ABA treatment, we are the right place for you!

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We have prepared a significant impact on your family's future!

We promote, diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion of our clients

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