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Are looking for a fun and rewarding career in the ABA field? Are you hoping to work for a professional practice with a commitment to research, education, recognition and appreciation?  

BH Filed is a team of ethical and compassionate ABA clinicians driven to address the needs of individuals with IDD/ASD as well as their families. We are dedicated to mentoring and encouraging new ABA practitioners.

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BH Field is Always Looking for ABA Practitioners Who Are

Enthusiastic and able to motivate clients to learn while providing effective ABA services.

Talented and extremely passionate about helping IDD/ASD individuals and their families.

Experienced and have an ability to set and meet goals and deadlines for success.

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Available Positions


Board Certified
Behavior Analyst


Registered Behavior


Quality Assurance


Case Manager and
Office staff

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We work closely with ABA field experts and leaders at the nation's ABA programs.

It has honestly been one of the most rewarding experiences working for this organization.

I really appreciated feeling like I had the BCBA that had my back!

Working with you Dana I felt supported, set up for success, organized and that I understood what was expected of me in implementing ABA programs. I felt comfortable coming to Dana for feedback performance, support, with questions, and with ethical dilemmas that arose.

Working with Dana as a supervisor was an outstanding experience

Dana always had something new to teach me; her feedback was straight to the point and very professional. Dana taught me a lot, specially how to be very kind and ethical at the same time. I was really impressed with the way Dana handled every situation. Undoubtedly, no improvements are needed because Dana is one the best BCBA I have met throughout my career. It was a real pleasure to have Dana as my supervisor.

I came to know Danaisa when she joined our organization in October of 2019 as a BCBA

I found her consistently delightful to tackle all her tasks with dedication and objectivity. Dana continuously challenges herself professionally while also demonstrating a passion for Applied Behavior Analysis and her clients. It was a pleasure working with Dana!

Dana was very helpful and compassionate about my growth as a RBT and pursue to become a BCBA

She encouraged interactive supervisions that integrated my ideas. She kept me informed of board changes that included ethics to assure I was providing the best services to the clients.

Supervises and Coworker's Testimonials

Fostering an Active Learning Environment to shape your success!

BH Field has a low turnover/high retention rate of talented professionals.

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